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2013 Estate Red Mountain Reserve Accolade Recap

A lot of people like it.

Home Respected

Our 2013 Estate Red Mountain Reserve is a wine of place. Starting with the 2012 vintage, we consolidated all of our "reserve" tier wines, including Estate Reserve Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon and Estate Reserve Red Mountain Merlot, into a single product. The idea was to focus our energy, and your focus, on a place. Because place is what matters when you're talking about fine wine. The grapes are important, sure, but not the most important thing about a wine. We started Red Mountain. We live here. We work here. We grow grapes for our own winery and for more than 60 others. We are well positioned to say, "This is what Red Mountain tastes like." And that's the purpose of this wine. 

It was a risky move to shuffle our product mix in such a dramatic way, essentially discontinuing our best wines at the time. But the risk paid off. The Estate Red Mountain Reserve rose from the ashes, and it has been a resounding commercial and critical success. 

The 2013 Estate Red Mountain Reserve has received numerous impressive accolades since its release. We are not typically into using accolades as a way to sell wine, but this wine in particular has such a nice resume that it seems silly not to highlight its accomplishments. 

Here are accolades the wine has received to-date:

That's a pretty nice list of awards. The wine has impressed professional panels and individual critics alike for local, regional, and national publications. 

We are proud to represent Red Mountain in way that supports it as a world-class growing area for Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is a culmination of everything we have built—and everything we have learned—over the last 40 years here. Work is already underway on the next version of the Estate Red Mountain Reserve, and we eagerly anticipate learning something new from this dusty slope we call home.