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2020 Vintage Maturity Data

Kiona Estate, Heart of the Hill, Ranch at the End of the Road, Artz Vineyard, Sunset Bench

Visit this link for a Google Sheets document with our latest sugar and maturity data for the 2020 harvest

A couple notes:

  • Each vineyard is on its own tab.
  • Vineyard maps are linked on each tab. The blocks in the spreadsheet correspond to the blocks in the map. 
  • There is a "winemaker version" of the Heart of the Hill map. This is what it linked in the Heart of the Hill tab. We have a *different* map that is broken up differently; it's more for end-consumer viewing. The map that winemakers want has a plain background. The consumer version has a wavy background. 
Happy Map
Confused Vintner

Map have a pattern? You've made a bad turn.
Map plain? Good for your brain. 

Friendly reminder that masks are required on our property. This isn't just our workplace, it's our home. Please do your part to help everyone stay safe. 

Thank you and have an awesome harvest!